Our Company

The Way Co. was founded in 2015 by leaders in marketing and the sales intelligence space to enable great businesses of all sizes to grow.  We do that by helping businesses, no matter how much or little they know about marketing, define their marketing strategy and find trusted and affordable agencies and consultants to help them implement that strategy. We provide comprehensive marketing services that address every need and help any business grow. We offer:

  • A comprehensive marketing planning
  • Access to thousands of consultants and agencies
  • Verified reviews of those consultants and agencies
  • Ongoing follow-up with our clients to make sure they are getting excellent service
  • Research to determine which consultants and agencies drive the highest growth


Our Principles

  • We love and pursue communication and interactions with our clients
  • We care about the client’s success as much as our own
  • We define the strategy for our clients to grow and educate them to want to follow that strategy
  • We find the most trusted and best resources to help our clients grow
  • We are completely honest and open
  • We execute completely and in a way that is well-documented