Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy

How to do Content Marketing for a [wpv-url-var1 var="1"] Business in [wpv-url-var2 var="2"]


  • Tip #1 - Get started in content marketing by writing about what you know. You run a [wpv-url-var1 var="1"] business in [wpv-url-var2 var="2"], so you know about [wpv-url-var1 var="1"] and you know about [wpv-url-var2 var="2"], so write about them!

    Take 10 minutes and just write down as many topics as you can related to [wpv-url-var1 var="1"] and [wpv-url-var2 var="2"]. Don't worry about if the ideas are great, just write them down.  You can edit the list later.

  • Tip #2 - Next, think of topics related to your business that will help your users accomplish their goals. Say you are a hair stylist in [wpv-url-var2 var="2"], you could write about the most popular styles in [wpv-url-var2 var="2"] or techniques that customers can do at home to help their hair look better or how to create the latest look of an actor or actress.
  • Tip #3 - Content marketing should make your offering better by explaining how to use your products and services, the benefits your  product has and more information about a(n) [wpv-url-var1 var="1"] generally etc.... Too often businesses start their content efforts by looking for the perfect content piece, but it is much more useful and effective to write about how to use your product or information that will make the experience better.  If you run a French restaurant in [wpv-url-var2 var="2"], you will want to write about how to pair wine with your food or how a couple can make their dinner romantic or healthier food options for your customers.
  • Tip #4 - Do keyword research using tools like, UberSuggest and Google Trends to understand how people are searching for [wpv-url-var1 var="1"] and popular related terms to [wpv-url-var1 var="2"] and try to answer common questions related to those searches. At the bottom of Google search results you will often see a number of related questions, those are great content opportunities.

    Link to SEMRush for related searches to [wpv-url-var1 var="1"] 

    Link to Google Trends for [wpv-url-var1 var="1"] 

  • Tip #5 - Content marketing shouldn't just be a long version of an ad for [wpv-url-var1 var="1"]. It should be valuable to the customer. Create content related to your expertise in [wpv-url-var1 var="1"] because people will value your knowledge. Use whether the piece of content is actually valuable to an individual customer as the judge as to whether the topic is worth writing about.
  • Tip #6 - Create a content calendar to track what content you are going to produce and then a distribution strategy on when and how to share your content.  After you create your content, share your content via social media, email, your website and other related websites.
  • Tip #7 - Content is important throughout the buying cycle; take some time to think about your customer's decision making process in selecting your business and what information they will need at each phase.  To improve conversions, write content that will support the user through each phase of the buying cycle. 
  • Tip #8 - If you aren't a great writer, there are services out there that will produce content for you at a reasonable price. We can help you manage your content efforts.
  •  Tip #9 - Finally, it is important to include in each piece of content information that shows how your business helps your customer accomplish their goals and a clear call to action.

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