Inbound Marketing Services

Inbound Marketing Services

If you are a local business in Arlington, The Way Company provides the best inbound marketing services to improve your prospects' experience and increase your conversion rates.

What is inbound marketing?arlington-242595_1280

While you may have never heard of inbound marketing, it is a critical component of your business success because it deals with the conversation you have with your prospects to convert them through knowledge and tools into actual customers.


Buying Cycle - The buying cycle consists of the steps that prospects go through to become customers. The typical steps are:

  1. Awareness : A prospect becomes aware of a need and that your business is a possible solution to meeting that need.
  2. Consideration : When making a decision on how to meet their need prospects will consider multiple options and businesses.
  3. Preference/Intent : A prospect will form an opinion on the different solutions and during this phase will find a solution that seems to best fit their needs.
  4. Purchase : The prospect actually purchases the product or service and becomes a customer.
  5. Loyalty:  The customer remains engaged with the business so that when the need arises again the business is the primary consideration.  

Inbound marketing the practice of creating a customer experience through content and communication that helps meet the prospects needs at each stage.

Beyond the basic buying cycle there are three critical components of inbound marketing that need to be considered:


1. Who are the potential customers?  These are called personas.

2. What does the prospect need to know at each stage of the buying cycle? This is called content.

3. How would they like to be communicated with? This is the contact strategy.


This process of making a decision applies to almost every purchase, so no matter what your business is, you need to optimize for this experience.

What We Do

The Way Company will look at your buying cycle and optimize the experience by developing personas, content, and the contact strategy for you business.


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